Kingsley Field JLUS Study Area

Kingsley Field is a municipal airport serving commercial and general aviation, while also being home to the 173rd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG).Kingsley Field is located in southern Oregon, approximately 15 miles north of the California border. The Field resides within the Klamath Falls city limits in Klamath County; which provides a convenient link to the military bases on the west coast, being roughly halfway between San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR. The northwestern border of the City of Klamath Falls is situated along the southern tip of Upper Klamath Lake.

The installation is located in a primarily rural agriculture area, surrounded by farmland, forests and a couple of small unincorporated communities such as Midland and Keno, and the census-designated place of Altamont. Kingsley Field is situated south of State Highway 140, and west of State Highway 39. The Kingsley Field JLUS Study Area was designed to encompass all operational areas of the installation, as well as all lands in the vicinity that may impact current or future military operations or be impacted by operations of the base; including areas associated with aircraft training missions and noise contours. The proposed Study Area for the Kingsley Field JLUS is comprised of Kingsley Field proper and all lands extending approximately 10 miles to the north, south, east, and west of the installation. This is the initial area of investigation for the collection of data and information, though the final Study Area may be refined based on information collected and input obtained from the public and various stakeholders.

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